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Yields one bowl at 450 calories.

I have a lot of different burrito bowl creations and recipes throughout my channel but wanted to add this one to the blog because its great for when you’re cooking for one! You can really use anything you have on hand and even leftover chicken or beef from another meal! Bowls are my favorite especially when I can add salsa and ranch!

FAJITA RICE BOWL 518 cals // 8sp

INGREDIENTS – chicken breast- diced -1 cup brown rice/ minute rice cup  (use my Spanish cauliflower recipe for a lower calorie option!) -1/3 cup black beans (rinsed) -onions and peppers (frozen or fresh!) -1 Tbsp Fajita or taco seasoning -Salsa -Optional Ranch (I love Bolthouse Farms brand and the Salsa Verde Avocado Ranch is amazing!)

DIRECTIONS Cook chicken breast on stove until cooked through (pre-cooked is great too). Add in black beans, onions & peppers and seasoning of choice, cook until veggies are tender and beans are heated through. Cook the minute brown rice cup in the microwave, add to bowl and top with chicken mixture. Top with salsa and ranch! (or sour cream, guac, taco bell sauce, etc!)


*Calculated without ranch*

BLUE- 6sp

PURPLE- 0sp if you use the ORGANIC Minute Brown Rice cup & top with salsa!

GREEN- 9sp

Yields one bowl at 450 calories.

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