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My pancake bake makes 6 servings for 140 cals & 5sp! 

This is almost not a recipe at all! To create this pancake bake you just use a “just add water” pancake mix and bake it in the oven! Get create by adding anything to the mix like chocolate chips or frozen blueberries! This is easily adaptable to your favorite pancake flavor!

I used a regular buttermilk pancake box mix (HEB brand for my Texans!) that was the “only add water” kind!

It’s 140 cals per 1/3 cup dry mix

-I used 2 cups (6 servings)

-then added water based on box instructions

-pour mix into a greased pan or baking dish and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes!

 -wait for it to cool completely before cutting if you are using it for meal prep!

This would also taste awesome with chocolate chips, frozen berries, or a fruit syrup!

WW SMART POINTS My pancake bake makes 6 servings for 140 cals & 5sp!


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