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And I'm the face behind Louise Lane (pronounced loo-EEZ), 

This corner of mine was named Louise Lane in hopes of keeping my professional life separate from my online life but it has a lot of meaning to me. Louise is my middle name, which I share with my Nanny (grandma, for those not in the south) and I grew up to love it and embrace it in every way possible.


Louise Lane was created in a Slim Chickens restaurant with one of my best girl friends. The name started as a business idea but I ran out of time, space and motivation, the spark just wasn’t there. Later, when I decided to start documenting my food and weight-loss on Instagram I chose the name Louise Lane to keep people I know in real life from finding it (spoiler alert- that didn’t help lol)! After that, I created my YouTube channel and it only made sense to keep the names the same.

If you told me a year ago that Louise Lane would soon turn into my dream of an online store, I would first tell you you're crazy, and then ask you how to make it a reality! My only regret is I wish I started this dream sooner. I have found so much joy in creating recipes and videos, and now the online store has become my baby. It's a learning process but 'm loving every minute (except maybe the taxes part).

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If you're familiar with me at all, you know I meal plan every single week. I plan everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and while it started during my weight loss journey, it has grown into a habit and of my my favorite forms of self-love. I meal plan for me, for future me and tired me, for the me who would rather stop at Taco Bell because there's nothing at home to make a meal. Meal planning helps me eat a more balanced diet, saves money, and allows me to find and create new recipes to try each week. Cooking is one of my passions, its the way I show love, the way I decompress after a long day, it's what I love to do and meal planning lets me indulge in and make time for this passion week after week.


 If you're interested in my daily life, I film vlogs with my boyfriend, Morgan and our sweet pets, Chance the Aussie, and Hutch, the King Tabby. You can find me on YouTube right here at Louise Lane! I also share tons of grocery hauls, meal prep ideas, and all sorts of recipes if you're needing some inspiration, motivation, or just something to distract you after a long day.

It's crazy to me that this all started with just an Instagram account taking mediocre food pictures (okay, they’re still mediocre) and documenting my weight loss journey and path to finding peace and happiness within myself. The Instagram turned into a YouTube channel and the channel resulted in this blog. My little corner of the internet filled with simple yet delicious meals and lots of realness. The blog grew into my current online store and looking back, its been a whirlwind of a journey, but I wouldn't change a thing. I hope you stick around, browse my recipes and take a peek at my store. I'm so happy you're here and hope you choose to stick around!

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