I know meal planning can be daunting for some, "where do I find recipes?", "how do I know what to make on what day?", "this seems overwhelming!", "'*flips table* l'll just wing it!", trust me, been there and flipped that.

Meal planning can be a task that you dread each week or month, or it can be something you look forward to! I am happy to say I am now in the club who loves to meal plan and I think these ideas might bring you to the planning side! Through trial and error, I have come up with my own style of meal planning which I choose to do weekly. However, there are so many different ways to meal plan and everyone should find a way that works for them and their lifestyle!

These meal planning strategies are all about how to organize and make the process simpler and more enjoyable. Now let's talk about these three ways you can make meal planning fun, easy and way less time consuming!


The first style of meal planning I want to talk about is planning by cuisine! Okay Lauren, what the heck is that?!

This meal planning strategy revolves around a set cuisine for each day of the week. This works perfectly for weekly or monthly planners, which is one reason why it's so great!

Growing up my family always had pizza on Fridays, like always. Delivery, frozen, homemade (okay, it was the Chef Boyardee boxed Pizza Maker, not important), but we always had pizza and it was something we could count on and didn't have to plan! This style takes it one step further and sets a cuisine for each day of the week!

For example, Monday could be your Mexican or Tex-Mex night, Tuesday is Italian, Wednesday is Chinese, you get the idea! So you would make yourself a key to reference each week or month and when you sit down to plan you know exactly what type of recipes to start searching for!

Here are some more categories to choose from:







-American (hello, burger night!)