Meal Prep Tips + 10 Easy Meal Prep Recipes & Ideas!

Let's talk about some of the most important things I consider for meal prep and some of my favorite meal prep recipes! A lot of people say how intimidating meal prep is and I agree, it's a lot of work and a lot of planning! But the main thing I hated about the meal prep idea was that it seemed so.. boring! Chicken, rice and broccoli, on repeat, for the rest of my life? It's a no from me, dawg.

When I started on my meal prep journey years ago, I thought about what was going to be

most important to me when it came to prepping meals. What is going to be the top things that keep me motivated, excited about meal prep, and how will I create this into a habit for years to come. All of these boiled down to three main things:

1. FRIDGE LIFE: I decided that the quality and flavor of the food after being reheated or stored in the fridge for a few days was probably most important! If it doesn't taste good, I won't eat it and my money, time and goals for the week will all go to waste. We all know there are foods that reheat perfectly and sometimes even taste better after being reheated (soup and chili, I'm looking at you!). We also know there are some things that just aren't good unless it's made fresh (hello, anything crispy). If you always plan something that you know will be good leftover, you'll be more inclined to eat it for the week! If you don't like potatoes heated in the microwave then maybe decide to use rice or pasta instead! Easy swaps can make all the difference in your prepped meals.

2. PREP TIME: There are some weeks I have more time (and motivation) to prep a fantastic week of breakfast, lunch and snacks! BUT... more often than not, I am in a hurry, feeling lazy, or just too busy to drop everything and hangout in the kitchen for a few hours. This is why planning ahead makes a world of difference, if you know you have a busier weekend or just aren't in the mood, it's important to plan something quick and easy that you can throw together and still get that meal prep done! Meal prep for me really is a form of self care. I have a better week when I don't have to throw together lunch before running out the door or spend $15 on some takeout that throws off my whole day. Even if you don't want to dedicate hours to an intricate meal prep, jot down some easy meals you can throw together in a pinch that help you reach your goals!