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Yields one serving at 300 calories.

I have been obsessed with Eggs benedict forever, but now I;m obsessed with homemade eggs benny because its so easy and tastes just as good as the restaurant version! (And you feel fancy eating it, which is always a win in my book). Add this to your weekend breakfast or brunch menu ASAP!

INGREDIENTS (this is a single serving)

  • 1 English Muffin (4sp or less)

  • Canadian Bacon (1sp)

  • 2 Eggs (0sp)

  • WW Hollandaise Sauce (1sp)

  • Salt, pepper & paprika to taste


  1. Heat small pan to medium heat and spray with non-stick or butter spray.

  2. Crack one egg (or 2 if you’re skilled lol) into your skillet and let cook for 4-6 minutes, I cover mine and when the yolk is barely covered with white on the top I take it out of the skillet! This makes for a fully cooked egg and a runny yolk (I don’t flip the egg)

  3. Add in your second egg and a few slices of Canadian bacon and while they cook put your English Muffin in the toaster until your desired crispiness.

  4. Follow package instructions on the hollandaise sauce and then assemble your Benedict! You cannot go wrong with this recipe, enjoy!

Find the hollandaise sauce from any WW workshop location or on Amazon here!


*Points may vary based on English Muffin & Canadian bacon used*

Purple- 6sp

Blue- 6sp

Green- 10sp

Yields one serving at 300 calories.

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